AAASeed is a program for the construction of virtual worlds.

AAASeed allows you to generate and manipulate 3D images and sound. The audience is immersed in these imaginary worlds and can interact with them in real time using a large variety of captors.

AAASeed opens a new perspective on 3D environment creation. Virtual reality, often seen as a complex and costly field for specialists, is now accessible to all. Photography or drawing, 3D objects, paintings or video, textures, logos or words, colors or light ; all can be animated and transformed. These elements can evolve in specifically created environments, whether realistic, imaginary or hybrid.

Open on a vast field of applications, the AAASeed program is the interactive solution for communication and presentation projects: corporate communication, museum, film and television graphics, virtual sets for live shows (theatre, dance, opera), computer jockey, art installations.

Suspended in a fractal world while riding a dragon in the quest for the Niebelungen treasure, pulsating to the hypnotic beat of the projections that adorn the techno show of the year, marvelling at the airborne ballet of ephemeral cyberdancers, or deeply moved by the death of a virtual being in a metaphysical play… the spectator is immersed in a virtual world. He experiences new perceptions of time and space that leave a long lasting impression.

The AAASeed program has won the support of the French Ministry of Research and Industry (PRIAMM grant)