…" Selected for the originality and pertinence in the development of a program accessible to all, The Seed offers designers and creators in the digital domain a tool tailored for live performances as well as interactive installations. "…

Monique Savoie, General director,
Luc Courchesne, President,
Society of Electronic Arts (SAT) , Montreal, Quebec .

…« I am personally determined to support Emmanuel Mâa Berriet in the creation of his software since he has clearly followed his vision from the outset of his adventure - and that despite the many obstacles. His concept of 3D programming is totally revolutionary and deserves the support not only of business and industry companies but also of the computer research community as a whole. »…

Etienne Mirlesse, Président,
Obvious Technology Inc,
San Francisco, Californie, USA.

…« As creators of interactive stories we see in AAASeed and the Seed's approach, an extraordinary potential when used and adapted to our work as a tool for information sharing. Furthermore, we envision it as the cornerstone of what could be the virtual desktop interface managing the virtual worlds of a high speed web.»…

Frédéric Weil, PDG,
Multisim Group ,
Paris, France.


…« As a matter of fact, the rapid market development and the technological evolutions lead us to think that in a year or two, the AAASeed tool will be a significant differentiating element for the product offer of MultiMania. Knowing the drive, determination and creativity of Mr Berriet, we have no doubt that he will succeed in transforming his initial idea into an industrial project.»…

Olivier Heckmann, Directeur Général,
Paris, France.


…«…" Through his many years of experience in the domain, Emmanuel Mâa Berriet knows the reasons why these software environments remain inaccessible to non professionals. With AAASeed it is precisely this problematic which he answers... »…

Juan Antonio Hernandez,
Lagardere Active Broadband,
Paris, France.


…« The Solution developed by The Seed today, far from the dominant new tech trends, remains essential for the mass market of computer graphics. It is an answer for everyone's need to create images and will therefore provide great prospects for the program. »…

François Forge, Animation Studio Director,
St Ouen, France.

…« Our artistic project could only be realized thanks to the close association we had with Emmanuel Mâa Berriet. It was his software, and his software only, which brought the reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness that permitted us to achieve the real time 3D projection of our artificial intelligence system on stage. I wish to add that the enthusiasm and competence of The Seed company make it a partner which has succeeded in the feat of being flexible in a demanding environment. »…

Jean Lambert-wild, Director,
326, Scène nationale de Belfort,
Belfort, France


…« The flexibility and the astonishing capacities of AAASeed allowed us to realize a complex and singular project in a very short time, which, to our knowledge, no other software solution would have allowed us to do »…

Guilhem Pratz, Producer, Manager,
Paris, France.

…" Using the output from the Gypsy AAASeed was able to generate many special effects in real time that we could only dream of. We use various programs to implement motion capture data that cost thousands of dollars, but have never come across something as unique as AAASeed. What I also found incredible was all the video effects that could be created outside of the scope of using motion capture data. "
" I know that we saw only a small portion of what AAASeed is capable of and eagerly await the time when we can push all its capabilities. At Animazoo we encourage the development of AAASeed and would like to see it implemented with a user friendly interface, where all video jockeys on the planet will scream to have it on their system. "

Kevin Cushing, President,
San Francisco, California, USA..