The Seed produces interactive applications for a wide audience:

- Corporate communications / Events
- Live / virtual shows
- Concert /performance / Computer jockey
- Museums / Art installations
- Film and video graphics

All productions of the Seed are created with the AAASeed software which allows one to create and animate images in real time. The program can be connected to multiple sources with highly intuitive interface management: sound, light, navigation interfaces, analog and digital sensors, motion capture devices, interactive floors.

The audience actively participates in the creative process. You can transform and manipulate the environments with a wide variety of projection means: single screen, multi-screen, rear projection, virtual reality headset, analog or digital video output, 360° screen, panoramic screen, building facades.

You have an event to prepare, a party to liven up? Don't hesitate to come and visit us. You'll discover a world of truly interactive applications.