Emmanuel Mâa Berriet is a software explorer.
He worked as video game production director at Grolier interactive (France), as senior software engineer at the world leading game producer Electronic Arts (in the Silicon Valley, USA) and as R&D director at the computer animation studio Media 6 (France).
A software developer and an artist, he has worked on his own and with other artists, on a number of installations and virtual pieces created with the AAASeed soft, which he has been developing since 1996.
Mâa is president of The Seed, R&D director, artistic and technical director of productions.

Christian Cesbron is a " Nanogardener "
A film and television producer, he produced the remarked feature film " The Four Seasons of Espigoule ", France 1999, many " audience prizes " at festivals, 120 000 at the box office. A business manager, he was responsible for a large client portfolio at a chartered accounting firm and created original projects (founder-organizer of the " Africa Film Festival " in Angers, France). He started out as a gardener-landscape designer.