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The Niebelungen Treasure
The first museum dedicated to the Niebelungen Myth opened its doors last year in the city of Worms Germany and has already drawn over
60 000 vistors

The medieval myth is well known from Hungary to Iceland. It tells the tale of the hero Siegfried and how he stole fabulous Niebelungen Treasure from its guardian the dwarf Alberich who cast the terrible spell "Thee who possesses it shall perish". By virtue of his magical sword, a bounty from the treasure, Siegfried slays the dragon Fanir and becomes invincible by bathing in his blood. Our hero then conquers the love of Kriemhilde, princess of Worms, and sister of the king Gunther. Yet Brunhilde, the queen, burns with jealousy of this love and orders Siegfried to be put to death. Kriemhilde's vengeance will later bring an entire people to destruction…

This tale could have remained the storyline of a little known Lied of the XIIth century if the Romantics and Nationalists hadn't adopted it. The Lied became a German national story. In reference to the Niebelungen, Hitler invented his famous "stab in the back" (Dolchstosslegende)in reference to Revolutionaries that he considered responsible for the German army's defeat in the First World War. Göring invoked the Niebelungen to justify the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers at Stalingrad. The total destruction of the 3rd Reich mirrors the fate of the Niebelungen pursued by the malediction of the Treasure.

The museum exhibit is afull fledged textual, musical, sound, architectural, graphic and software creation. Everything was carried out with the latest technologies. This isespecially the case for the permanent virtual reality installation "The Niebelungen Treasure" which was presented at ISEA 2000 in Paris and the Boston Cyberarts 2001 festival.

(source Doc.. A+H)





ASF 6 Mo
- 3 Min


Emmanuel Mâa Berriet - > software and VR design
Thierry Fournier - > music and sound composer
Olivier Auber - > content conception
Philippe van Loo - > 3d models
François Morillon - > installation and maintenance training


6 PC's (Geforce Nvidia 2) + 1 spare
6 videos projectors
1 Mac G4 with Max for the management of real time sounds









Thierry Fournier

Goethe Institut de Boston

Goethe Institut de Paris


Sociéty of quebec's museums

Association of ingenierie
diffusion for today music