" The Warriors of the Mist"
- Virtual sets designed in real time on stage with a choreography   by Karine Saporta.
- Running since : June 2002.
- Co-Production: National Choreographic Centre of Caen - R&D   Centre of France Telecom, Rennes.

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- Educational Opera staged by Nathalie Martinez.
- 3 representations in June 2002.
- Real time design and animation by Hervé Poireau for The Seed.
- City of Villiers Le Bel, France.

« Orgia» by Pier Paolo Pasolini
- Using an optical illusion system, artificial creatures projected on stage evolve according to the actors' emotions. Direction: Jean Lambert-wild. Graphic creation and animation: Cécile Babiole and Stéphane Pelliccia.
- December 2000, Théâtre du Granit, Belfort, France.
- 2001-2002, over 60 representations in France and abroad then a run at the Théâtre de la Colline, Paris, France.

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" An Die Musik "
- Real time 3D motion capture characters and virtual sets ( Animazoo ) . Choreography: Marc-Joseph SIGAUD.
- June 2000
- ADAC, Paris, France.

" Virtual set design Workshop - Atelier de scénographie virtuelle "
- Workshop for Danish and Swedish students and stage directors. Organization: Marc-Joseph Sigaud.
- November 1999
- Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden.


« Descuerpados »
- Virtual real time 3D sets for a modern dance piece. Choreography: Marc-Joseph Sigaud. Production: Parques Majeures.
- Mai 1999
- Teatro Bolivar, Quito, Ecuador.

« Chacanan »
- Image capture and special effects for a modern dance piece by the South American dance troupe Humanizarte. Production: Parques Majeures.
- May 1999
- Teatro Bolivar, Quito, Ecuador.

" Tango de la Peau "
- A virtual play with Antoine Schmitt.
- June 1996
- Atelier Martel, Paris, France.