THE SEED is now closed...
But the AAAseed software and its community still live : videos !

maa at lagraine dot com


To read the videos, the mac users must download windowsmediaplayer

The Seed Show Room at UTRAM! Christian Amoretti team present you different

applications of The Seed in its quarters.

- - The "Niebelungen Treasure" makes the cover story of the October 2002 Sonovision magazine! and an interviex of Thierry Fournier in SVM MAC magazine !
Rediscover the " Niebelungen Treasure " 
- Invited as a simple participant at the FCMM Film and New Media festival in Montreal, E. "Mâa" Berriet was declared "resident artist" by event organizers after creating the interactive graphic design that accompanied the short film projections at the festival hit "Kino Kabaret". Young filmmakers had a grueling 48 hours to make a film yet the the graphic design was achieved in 4 hours 08 minutes and modified on the fly during each Kino Kabaret event. At the ensuing parties fellow "Kinoïtes" could "play" with the interactive 3D graphics and create their own designs. Mâa also used AAASeed to make a Kino short film: pixel3d.wmv.

- - November 8 and 9 at the Ircam in Paris, a smashing performance by JL Wild: "The Wall" or "JL Wild on AAASeed"
with Mâa as crash commander!
Then the show "Orgia" ----->


and LCP (french tv) ----->


And the music video by Bebel Gilberto----->


Some young sprouts for Seed in association with Franck Lagier and the company Mobilis-Immobilis of Maflohé,
The ever evolving "Narval" dance show last seen at the "Villette Numérique" exhibit in Paris.
Coming soon the video of one of the most beautiful worlds created on AAASeed


Also the numerous representations of the modern dance show by Karine Saporta "The Warriors of the Mist" ----->

And Belgacom. ----->